Small Change For Good

Small Change for Good
Small Change for Good was conceived out of a sense that giving to help others feels good and every contribution, no matter how small, should be valued and accepted gratefully. We believe that collecting a dollar's worth of pennies from 10,000 people is just as good as collecting $10,000 from one person. Small change is founded on the belief in the goodness of humanity and that, given the chance, most people want to help others.

Besides the obvious, collecting money for under supported charities, we have two other important goals that we believe separate us from other charitable fundraising organizations.

First, all of the funds you collect go to charity and, second, a portion of the funds you collect are placed in a reserve account to establish an endowment for your charity (to promote sustained long term financial support).

Our basic idea is to get people to place a can with a label on it in their house and/or office. Instead of having change pile up on their counter, they drop whatever pocket change they have into the can. Once a month or so, they can take it to a drop off center where we will count it or to a bank and send us a check or pay us through Paypal.

Each can sponsors three charities. Yours and two others that are common to all cans: The Douglas Arner Academic Freedom Scholarship and entre Amigos.

At Small Change for Good, ALL of the money you donate supports the charities sponsored by your can. We pledge that minimum of 90% of the donations will go to support your charity, while a maximum of 5% will go to each of the other two. Of the 90% going to your charity, 70% is returned directly to the charity you support and 20% will be placed in an investment fund to create an endowment for that charity (for more details see our business model).

Thank you for you interest. We are very excited about the possibilities that this project holds and hope that you will consider joining us in our effort to make a Small Change for Good in the world. Should you want a can, or if you have your own can and just want a label, contact us at

Thanks again, The team from Small Change for Good